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Fixed, stationary grow tables are commonly used in retail areas where easy customer access is important or where uniformity in display areas is preferred.  Stationary grow tables are used in production areas when frequent access to all crops is necessary.  All orders for greenhouse grow tables are custom manufactured to the width, length and height that best utilizes your space.  Grow tables 4’x8’ in size are the most popular.  No matter the size or configuration, every grow table and bench is manufactured using durable 16 gauge galvanized steel for the legs, headers and frames.  Heavy marine grade aluminum is used in the construction of the rails, rounded corners and leg connectors.   Grow tables 4x8 in size or any custom manufactured size are available with two different bench top options. 

Our stationary greenhouse tables and benches customizations include:
  • Custom Width/Length/Height                   
  • Expanded Metal Tops or Ebb and Flow Tray Tops                               
  • 16ga Galvanized steel legs, headers, frames
  • Heavy marine grade aluminum rails, corners, leg connectors
  • 4” High aluminum side rail
  • All parts pre-drilled for easy assembly with included fasteners
  • No special tools required for assembly
  • Choice of Ebb & Flow trays or Expanded Metal top
  • Single or Multi-level configurations available
  • Leveling headers at the top of each leg with 2 1/2" of adjustment


Expanded metal tops are manufactured with a mesh, open-diamond design out of 14 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel.  This coating protects against corrosion and rust in harsh environments.


Ebb and flow tray tops are manufactured from UV coated vacuum formed polystyrene.  Grow tables designed with an Ebb & Flow system will reduce water consumption, labor costs, fertilizer and pesticide usage. Ebb and Flow Trays are a uniformed 1” deep, are stocked is standard widths of 2’, 3’, 4’, 4’6”, 5’, 5’6” and 6’, and custom cut to your required length.  Ebb and Flow Trays can be manufactured to any custom width; fabrication will require a slightly longer lead time. Learn more about our Ebb and Flow table system.
  • Is all hardware included?  Yes.
  • At what point is the height of the bench measured?  We measure to the table top where the plant actually sits.
  • What is the depth of the ebb & flow tray top?  The tray themselves measure approximately 3 1/2" high.  The "troughs" are about 1" deep.
  • Are the bench legs adjustable to account for uneven or sloped floors?  Yes.  There are leveling headers at the top of each leg with 2 1/2" of adjustment.
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