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Coir Block

  • Coir Mix Block
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Part Number: PCM-B-02
  • Media: Coir
  • Type: Block
  • Size: 4.5kg
RIOCOCO PCM mix coir block is made from fresh coir fiber natural and crush chip materials blended together and compressed to a 4.5kg/10lb format.  It is five times washed and heat-treated before compressed.  It has over 28% air fill porosity and moderate water holding capacity.  Natural PCM coir mix can be used straight without adding any perlite or any other type of amendment to increase aeration.

All RIOCOCO soilless coir growing mediums are processed from coconut trees in the island nation of Sri Lanka and utilize the natural properties including the fiber, pith and fractions. 
  • 100% natural, organic coir-based components
  • Neutral pH and Low EC (Salt content)
  • Inert and Sterile
  • Exceptional ability to retain and release nutrients
  • High porosity
  • High composition of lignins
  • Uniform in composition
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Will Coir reduce water usage?  Yes.  Compared to open field operations, Coir can save up towards 90% water usage for large greenhouse operations.
  • Are there benefits to using Coir over Rockwool?  Yes:
    • Coir is biodegradable.  Rockwool is made of basalt and chalk so it will not breakdown.
    • Coir costs less than Rockwool.
    • Coir is pH neutral and sterile.  Rockwool often has higher pH levels which can lead to plant nutrient deficiencies, slow growth rate and difficulty in plant flowering
    • Coir does not need buffering.  Rockwell must be buffered and prepped before being used.
    • Coir is Hydrophilic.  Rockwell will tend to dry out quickly.
  • Can Coir be blended with other products?  Yes.  Coir is often used to replace peat moss to amend and aerate soil.  Coir can be used as a planting medium on its own, or blended with other products to make custom mixes.
RIOCOCO substrates are manufactured in the island nation of Sri Lanka.   With the natural environment consisting of sunny and breezy days, large heaters and lights are not needed to dry the coco.  The drying process for all coir products is simple.  The coir material is spread over large concrete pads then covered in netting and allowed to dried and sterilized in the heat of the sun without creating any increased demand for electricity.  All products are OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) certified.

All processing of coconut fibers is handled in 237, on premise,  ISO9001 and ISO14001 factories including a laboratory for product testing .  Gloves, masks, smocks and special shoes worn only inside the processing facility by all employees to ensure there is no contamination with the coir components during the entire production.

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