Pure Flowering 200 Lamp

  • Photoperiodic Lighting Spectrum
  • Flowering Lamp Spectrum with Phytochrome
  • Pure Flowering 200 Lamp
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Part Number: TG1B-3A-1104
  • Spectrum: Photoperiodic
  • Light Style: Bulb
  • Light Output: 32 ┬Ámol/s
  • Weight: 0.9lb
  • Input Voltage: 100-240 VDC / 50-60 Hz6
  • Power Consumption: 16 watt

Our Pure Flowering 200 Lamp is the most efficient and effective solution for photoperiodic lighting to control the timing of flowering.  The Pure Flowering 200 Lamp is used for growing the following crops:

  • Fruiting Plants
  • Ornamentals
  • E26 light socket (not included)
  • Operating temperature -5 - 100F
  • What applications are suitable for the Pure Flowering 200 Lamp?  Greenhouses.

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