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Increase your cultivation footprint by stacking your growing benches.  Multi-tier growing benches are typically found in propagation areas where cuttings (clones) are rooted, seedlings are grown and in Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA systems) growing crops such as herbs, leafy greens and micro-greens.  It is an easy way to double your growing space and increase your production yield.  The bottom of each tiered shelf provides a sturdy location for mounting grow lights.  LED grow lights are especially suitable for this growing configuration.  Multi-tier growing benches are constructed of heavy 16 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel for strength and corrosion resistance. 

Typical greenhouse shelf units are 8 to 10 feet long, but all units are custom manufactured with your choice of:
  • 16ga Galvanized steel legs, headers, frames
  • Heavy marine grade aluminum rails, corners, leg connectors
  • 4” High aluminum side rail
  • All parts pre-drilled for easy assembly with included fasteners
  • No special tools required for assembly
  • Choice of Ebb & Flow or Expanded Metal top


An Ebb and Flow table system saves on labor costs and conserves water, fertilizer and fungicides by as much as 90%.  Heating cables can still be mounted directly below the trays on any shelving level.


Our Expanded Metal Tops are typically manufactured of 14 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel.  Additional steel gauges are available when better suited for large load and bench sizes.
  • Can the multi-level grow bench be configured using the rolling grow bench design?  No.  Upper levels need to be constantly supported to avoid tipping.
  • What flooring is needed for multi-level grow tables?  You must have concrete or hard surface flooring. 
  • What is an Ebb and Flow system?  An ebb and flow system or flood and drain system allows you to water plant media from the roots up.  This conserves water, fertilizer and labor costs.
  • How do plants receive light on a multi-tier configuration?  Most growers install LED lighting which has a very shallow profile and are low heat emitting which prevents any burning of plant material.  LED grow lights can be placed as close as .01" from foliage without burning the plant.
  • How many shelves fit on a multi-tier grow table?  That is up to you.  The benches come in frame heights up to 16'.  The shelves themselves are about 7" high.  So depending on the height of the crop you are growing, you can place as many shelves as you like at any interval within the height of the frame.  Please reference the "Product Files" tab and view the multi-level grow bench drawing to see sample dimensions of a 4' x 8' bench.

Your Bench Layout


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