Modular Rolling Bench Kits

  • Wachsen Modular Table Assembled
  • Wachsen Modular Table Face
  • Wachesen Rolling Bench Foot
  • Wachsen Rolling Table Clip
  • Wachsen Rolling Table E&F Trays
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  • Ebb & Flow Trays:
This unique modular design concept allows for fast shipment of stocked rolling bench products while giving you maximum flexibility to customize the length and aisle width to adapt to any style grow room or setup.

The Wachsen Modular Rolling Benches are customizable to fit easily into any sized grow room or greenhouse setup and are extendable to accommodate various add-ons to seamlessly fit into your operation as your needs grow. The modular greenhouse rolling bench kit allows you to optimize your grow area giving you fewer aisles, more plants, and a higher bottom line.  

All component parts are manufactured with commercial-grade quality.  The rolling greenhouse benches include a food-grade polypropylene control wheel to easily roll the benchtop to either side.  The tilt-proof design includes lockable, reinforced anchorable feet with adjustable height.

Modular Rolling Bench Width

Choose either a 4' width or 5' width frame.  The 4' rolling bench frame will roll 8" laterally to either side.  The 5' rolling bench frame will roll 10" laterally to either side.

Modular Rolling Bench Length

The unique design of the modular rolling bench system gives you the option of setting the length to your exact desired dimensions up to 60'.  Each modular section easily attaches to one another at the support ends.  

Modular Rolling Bench Height

The standard height of the expandable rolling bench is 26".  The legs are adjustable 4" up or down to create the necessary slope for drainage purposes.  It is recommended to have a 1/4" slope every 50'.  It is possible to cut down the legs if a shorter bench is required, but this would void the warranty on the frame.

Modular Rolling Bench Assembly

Assembly of the modular rolling bench is the easiest in the industry.  The rolling bench can be assembled quickly with no special tools or contracted labor required.

Table Tops

You may choose to include the food-grade Ebb and Flow ABS trays.  The ebb and flow trays are designed in a variety of drainage options and make sanitation a breeze.  We offer an organic plant-based cleaning solution that will not scratch the tray's surface, harm plants, or require any special handling.

Trellis Supports

You may choose to include the fully adjustable trellis system that easily fits in the inline trellis support fittings on the modular rolling bench frame.  The fittings are spaced every 6.5'.

  • Stainless steel 204 metal structure
  • Food grade polypropylene wheels, connectors & clips
  • Nylon fiber feet
  • Slides & rolling tubes made of aluminum T5
  • Reinforced corners of heavy-duty plastic
  • Tilt-proof design with lockable reinforced anchorable feet
  • Out of the box assemble with no special tools or contract labor required
  • Roll extension 8" for the 4' wide table; 10" for the 5' wide table
  • Is there a warranty?  Yes.  2 years for the metallic structure.  Lifetime for plastic parts.
  • Can the height of the table be shortened?  Yes, IF you have skilled resources available.
  • What is the load capacity?  17 lbs/sq ft.
  • What is the maximum length the tables can be extended?  up to 60'.
  • Are the tables available in any width?  No.  Only 4' wide or 5' wide.
  • What incline is required for irrigation?  1/4" per 50'.  Leveling capacity of 2"
  • Do the tables need to be anchored?  It is strongly recommended.
  • Does this come with a trellis?  No. But you may purchase separately.
  • Are trellis support fittings included with the frame even if the trellis system is not purchased?  Yes

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