BX120 Single Bar LED Grow Light

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Part Number: Valoya BX120
  • Dimensions: 46.3"L x 2.9"W x 2.3"H
  • Spectrum: NS12
  • Weight: 10lb
  • Input Voltage: 90 - 305 VAC
  • Power Consumption: 132 watt
LED horticulture grow lights are revolutionizing the future of farming with technologies and innovations enabling year-round sustainable fruit, vegetable and flower cultivation.  Hydroponic LED grow lights and LED horticulture grow light applications include growth chambers, multi-level production of leafy greens and other crops, vertical farming, cut-flower production, cannabis production and strawberry production.  It is well known that LED technology used in horticulture grow lights and hydroponic grow lights offer numerous benefits over traditional lighting sources for horticulture applications.  Our line of Valoya wholesale LED grow lights deliver high quality, sun-like light spectra with high intensity.  It is a true wide (also known as full or continuous) spectrum.  This means it contains bits of all spectrum colors, including outside of the PAR area – NOT just off-the-shelf red and blue LED chips.  Because it contains more spectrum colors, it feeds the plants with more information they need, just like sunlight.  Minimal amount of heat is produced and what small amount of heat that is created, radiates upwards which allows the fixtures to be placed within a few inches of the plants without any damage to the foliage.  These LED horticulture grow lights are designed to have a long use life typically of 7-8 years and beyond.  We stock the BX-120 for quick shipping.  Please inquiry to other Valoya models available.
LED greenhouse lighting suppliers are able to provide you more information on the various impact LED grow lights have on your production.  It is understood that LED grow lights can be used to improve plant quality and control morphology, growth rates and other characteristics.  LED light fixtures are a precision tool for crop production.  MAD Greenhouse Products provides wholesale LED grow lights for greenhouses and grow rooms around the globe. We offer a selection of LED grow lights with specific spectra that can be used for specialized purposes, as example for enhanced production of secondary metabolites, including enhancing lettuce coloration or enhancing production of specific metabolites in microalgae or higher amount of dry flower weight for cannabis cultivation.  The process of selecting the correct fixture can be confusing so call or email us today with any questions or assistance needed to select proper greenhouse LED grow lights.
  • Fixtures have high IP rating meaning resistant to humidity, dust, chemical exposure and even water submersion
  • Absolute high light uniformity
  • CE marked, tested and certified to UL/CSA standards
  • Light density decay max 10% at 35,000hrs. Typical usage 50,000hrs
  • Impact resistant bar shaped luminaires that are easy to install…just plug-n-play
  • Are Valoya LED grow lights full spectrum?  Yes.
  • What applications are suitable for the Valoya LED grow light?  Greenhouses, Rooms & Chambers, HPS Hybrid, Vertical Farming, Propagation areas.
  • Are other LED grow lights available from Valoya?  Yes.  We sell all five models of Valoya LED grow lights.  Each model is customized with your required spectra to optimize plant growth.  The BX120 is the best selling model and is stocked for quick shipment.

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