Cleaning Your Grow Space
Should Not be a Chore

100% plant-based cleaning products

  • Save time – no need to empty room
  • Increase efficiency – no need to wait for room to dry
  • Save money – no special storage, equipment or PPE required
  • Increase Revenue – add an additional grow cycle

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Hydroponic Water Pumps

Our selection of Hydroponic Water Pumps include submersible and in-line hydroponic water pumps.  Ebb and Flow (also known as Flood and Drain) systems and NFT systems require a hydroponic water pump.  All hydroponic water pumps come with either a 2-year or 5-year limited warranty and can move water from 190 GPH up to 725 GPH.  The flow control is adjustable if used submersed.  We carry 3 models of hydroponic water pumps that incorporate an adjustable venturi which adds aeration into the nutrient rich water flow to help stimulate root growth.  The lift head or shut off is the maximum vertical height the hydroponic water pump will pump water.

We custom manufacture ebb and flow benches (flood and drain benches), NFT systems and complete turnkey NFT system kits.  We also carry top of the line Valoya LED lighting and HALO HPS lights for hydroponic systems.  Designing a complete hydroponic system can be a bit overwhelming.  Send us your greenhouse or grow room drawings and we will return to you a design layout best utilizing the space for your hydroponic system.

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Keep it Clean with our Plant-Based Cleaning Products

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