Hydroponic Air Pumps

Hydroponic Air Pumps are used to keep water in your hydroponic systems from become stagnant.  Stagnant water does not contain oxygen which means if the roots of your plants are FULLY submerged in water, your plants will drown.  Hydroponic air pumps will produce bubbles in your reservoir to keep your water mixed with oxygen and nutrients - much like the air holes you find in soil.  The size of your hydroponic pumps are dependent on the size of your nutrient reservoir.  The cheat sheet says hydroponic air pumps wattage = number of gallons of nutrient solution in your hydroponic reservoir.  But for commercial growers, it gets a little more complicated than that because commercial hydroponic systems usually have complicated setups that require more powerful hydroponic air pumps.  MAD Greenhouse products has a selection of hydroponic pumps ranging in wattage of 1.5 watts up to 40 watts.  All of our hydroponic air pumps are submersible.

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