High Pressure Sodium Light Fixtures

High Pressure Sodium light fixtures (HPS) are one of the most standardized grow lights manufactured.  We carry the Halo brand of high pressure sodium grow lights that are manufactured with high quality German parts.  These 1000 watt HPS grow lights have thicker and brighter reflectors made of the highest German anodized aluminum making them longer lasting than competitor brand sodium lights.  Left and right sides of the reflector operate independently so one side can be deep and the other wide.  The compact design creates less shadows and puts up to 30% more light on your crop – not on your walls.  The 1000 watt HPS bulb gives 2,100 umols (highest on the market).  The digital display of the Halo High Pressure Sodium Light Fixture shows useful information such as internal temperature, current wattage setting, running hours of ballast, and any problems such as voltage issue of lamp failure.

Most greenhouses still use high pressure sodium grow lights because it is a more established technology than LED grow lights and greenhouse growers know what they are getting with these lamps in regards to light intensity, light quality and lifespan.  MAD Greenhouse Products can help walk you through the process of selecting the best supplemental lighting for your greenhouse.

Need Help Calculating Number of Lights?

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