Grow Room Fans

Without proper ventilation, plants growing in greenhouses and grow room will be put under stress resulting from fungal infections, poor air temperature and humidity levels.  Opening and closing doors will only help so much.  Turning the fans on and adjusting vents and thermostats remain the best solution.  Plants breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.  Different day lengths and weather conditions cause an imbalance of both and can stress and weaken plants.  Given the optimal conditions of wet, warm, protected spaces provided by greehouse and grow rooms, fungal producing spores proliferate infecting plants, soil and any other natural material they will find.  While humidity will help stabilize temperatures and support soil health, too much moisture can contribute to disease.  The best way to regulate all of these potential probelms is through air movement and circulation.  We carry a variety of ventilation equipment including greenhouse fans, grow room circulation fans, grow room oscillating fans, automated inlets adn outlets, and evaporative coolers

Growroom Circulation Fans

Promote uniform temperature throughout the grow space that will improve plant production levels, reduce heat stress, eliminate condensation on walls and ceilings and keep space fresher.  We offer a variety of sizes of mounted circulation fans to ventilate any size greenhouse or grow room.

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