Greenhouse Plant Supports, Plant Trellis

  • Greenhouse Plant Support Staggerd Crossbars
  • Plant Trellis Upright Attachment To Bench Side Rails
  • Greenhouse Plant Support Crossbar Thumb Screw
  • Plant Trellis Upright Support Thumb Screw
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  • Bench Width:
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Greenhouse Plant Supports are available for any style greenhouse grow bench. Plant Trellis Supports are manufactured with galvanized steel to prevent rusting and corrosion.  All greenhouse plant supports consist of uprights that are attached to the grow bench side rails and are connected by a rigid crossbar that has a thumb screw on each upright post for easy height adjustment.  The Plant Trellis Support System is ideal for any grower producing tall crops that benefit from being supported as they grow, such as cut flowers.

The uprights themselves are manufactured of of .815in galvanized square tubing that stands 4ft tall.  Each upright is welded onto a bracket at the bottom that is made from 16 gauge sheet metal.  This sits over the aluminum side rail of the bench and is attached with two TEK screws.  So by way of an example, on a 32ft long bench, there would be 14 uprights (7 pairs) and 7 crossbars that connect a pair together.  They are placed approximately 5ft +/- apart along the length of the bench.
  • 4ft high, .815in square, galvanized steel supports
  • Mounting bracket made from 16 guage sheet metal
  • Holes positioned in supports every 2” so crossbars can be adjusted as plants grow
  • Greenhouse plant supports may be installed on rolling or stationary bench configurations
  • What type of material can be used on the Plant Trellis Supports?  Any type of traditional trellis netting – mesh polypropylene, chicken wire, etc

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