Greenhouse Floor & Wall Wash

Greenhouse Floor & Wall Wash is safe to use around plants and works best when applied at full strength.  The Greenhouse Floor & Wall Wash cleans and removes mold, algae, dirt and grime from concrete, acrylic, aluminum, glass and stainless steel.  This formula comes in either a concentrate (JAW) or Ready To Use (RTU).  Either formula contains the same ingredients but the JAW will save on shipping charges as it does not contain any water to weigh down the package.  Both are available in three sizes:  32 oz, 1 gallon and 5 gallon.  This solution is ideal for cleaning Closed Environment Systems as it is 100% plant-based and contains NO phosphates, chlorine, toxic chemicals, bleach, VOC's or harsh odors.  The Greenhouse Floor & Wall Wash is biodegradable and requires no special handling or storage.  This plant-based, biodegradable, food safe cleaning product is certified with the NSF Non-Food Compound Product Registration and USDA Certified Biobased Product designation.

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