Greenhouse Cleaning Products

After great effort, we have found greenhouse cleaning products that fit our belief in promoting an eco-friendly environment for our horticulture family.  These plant-based solvents eliminate the need for bleaches, chemicals, peroxides or other harmful toxins to remove dirt and grime from greenhouse windows, walls, floors, and equipment.  All of our greenhouse cleaning products are manufactured with 100% mineral-free water, proprietary blend of ionic and non-ionic surfactants, plant-based solvent and gluconate salt.  None of the ingredients are listed on Proposition 65 list.  The cleaning products work on a microscopic level to safely remove dirt, mold, and algae as easily as wiping or rinsing away.  Surfaces are cleaned while near or practically neutral pH.

Surfaces safely cleaned with our biodegradable, plant-based greenhouse cleaning product formulas include acrylic, aluminum, concrete, glass, granite, grates, greenhouse walls, plexiglass, polystyrene, stainless steel, tile, wood, brick, stone, pavers, composite decking and asphalt.



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