Commercial Greenhouse Benches / Tables / Racks

MAD Greenhouse Products designs & supplies premium, commercial greenhouse benches & tables used for propagation or retail or both.  Every bench is built to last using strong 14 gauge galvanized steel for all legs, leveling headers and framework.  Side and end rails, as well as rounded bench corners and leg connectors, are custom extruded from heavy marine-grade aluminum.  All parts are delivered to you pre-drilled, with necessary fasteners.  A few common hand tools are all that is needed for these easy-to-assemble units.

Commercial Greenhouse Benches & Tables – Style Options
Our commercial Greenhouse Benches, Tables and Tables are custom made to suit the layout of your greenhouse.  No size is out of the question.  Standard or custom-designed greenhouse benches and tables are available as: Commercial Greenhouse Benches & Tables – Top Options
Growers have a choice of benchtops to be configured on any of our stationery, rolling, or multi-tiered grow benches.  You may select:
Greenhouse Benches & Tables
MAD Greenhouse Products specializes in custom configuration.   Custom orders requiring specific bench or table lengths generally require a 2 to 3 week lead time to custom manufacture.  We welcome you to send us drawings of your greenhouse layout.  We will assist in configuring the most economical and efficient set-up of greenhouse benches and tables for your specific requirements.  Choose from any one, or combination of, our commercial greenhouse benches & tables:


Your Bench Layout


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