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Ebb and Flow Trays are manufactured of sturdy vacuum-formed polystyrene with UV inhibitor for decades of dependable use.  Our Ebb & Flow Trays can be used as replacement trays for greenhouse Ebb and Flow Benches or used to retrofit or convert any standard greenhouse grow table into a modern sub-irrigation system so long as the table is completely level and has crossbar supports for every 18” or less.  Greenhouse table systems longer than 60 feet will require two or more sections of Ebb and Flow Trays.  An Ebb and Flow Tray (also known as a Flood and Drain Tray) is an economical way to conserve water.  Whether using the Ebb and Flow trays in a true Ebb and Flow Table System or as a catch basin for a drip irrigation system to collect runoff for drainage and humidity control, our standard width Ebb and Flow Trays are easily inserted into your current grow table.  The Flood and Drain Tray typically holds about ½ gallon of water per square foot and can be filled with a maximum water depth of 1”.

For detailed dimensions, please reference the 'Product Files" tab to review the product specification sheet.  The sides of all ebb & flow trays are slightly flexible and can bend about 1/4".  Each corner has a gentle built-in indentation to clear any fasteners at the corners of grow tables.  Try our plant-based, biodegradable Ebb-N-Flow Table/Tray Cleaner to remove dirt, grime, mold, and algae.

MAD Greenhouse Products stocks standard width Ebb and Flow Trays that will fit most stationary and rolling benches.  A short lead time will be required for custom width trays.  
  • 1” high UV coated, vacuum formed polystyrene trays
  • Ebb and Flow trays hold roughly ½ gallon of water per square foot.
  • How much water can be filled in the trays?  While the tray depth measures about 3", you will want to fill the tray only with a maximum of 1" water.
  • Are the polystyrene sides flexible?  Slightly, yes.  They can bend in 1/4" or so.  The corners have a slight built-in indentation to clear any fasteners at the corners.
  • Can I convert my current standard grow bench to an Ebb and Flow Bench with these trays?  
    • Yes.  You will need to keep these facts in mind:
      • The bench/bench framework must be able to support the Ebb and Flow Trays either completely, or with sturdy cross bars spaced no more than 45cm (18") apart on center.
      • The existing bench framework must be sturdy and stable, able to support the benchtop, the plants, as well as the water when irrigating (about an additional 4 pounds per square foot).
      • The bench must be completely level to function correctly. Most grow benches have a leveler at each bench leg.
      • You will need to have access to the plumbing well at the end of the bench tray to connect the plumbing to the underside of the benchtop.
      • If your current bench is a flatbed with no sides, you may want to consider attaching plywood or some type of railing to the sides of your bench to prevent the trays from being knocked out of position by people passing by.  This is not necessary, just a common practice by many of our customers retrofitting their current flat benches.

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