Cannabis Rolling Grow Benches can be a big factor in lowering cost per pound for goods produced.  You are able to maximize your growing space by eliminating many or almost all of the aisles that are found in typical sites.  Translation:  You can put plants where aisles once were.  More plants = higher production yield = increased revenue.

Cannabis Ebb and Flow Greenhouse Benches (flood benches) provide an irrigation system that easily works with a nutrient management system to maximize the production yield of the cannabis plants. Ebb and Flow or Flood and Drain hydroponics is simply an easy method to flood your pots with a nutrient solution at regular intervals and then let it drain back into the reservoir.  The periods between the flooding (the ebb) allow the plants’ roots to dry out, avoiding rotting problems and allowing the roots to take on oxygen.

Cannabis Grow Lights include HPS and LED grow lights.  Cannabis is a plant for which light (or dark) is a necessary component for inducing flowering.  Vigorous plant growth and yields can be attained with proper lighting.  Lighting requirements change for cannabis by growth stage and the intensity, quality, and photoperiod can be used to direct cannabis growth.  LED grow lights are quickly becoming the dependable source for energy-to-yield efficiencies, increased cannabinoid content, and enhance terpene production.  Cannabis growers are looking for high yields with superior secondary metabolite and terpene compositions with fixtures that do not consume much energy and are reliable.


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