Cannabis Clone Cart

  • Clone Rack Dimensions
  • Vertical Clone Cart
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Part Number: Cannabis Clone Cart
  • Height: 5' 7 9/16"
  • Width: 4' 5 7/8"
The white powder-coated finished cannabis clone cart is the perfect vertical grow system for your clones and seedlings that will save valuable floor space in your production facility.  This cannabis clone rack / cart provides 4 food-grade HIPS trays that are adjustable to add/remove and modify heights to accommodate growing canopies.  Each tray has a lip to reduce the risk of accidental plant drops and liquid spillage.  Everything breaks down to flat pack and ship.

Designed to fit 10x20 flats, approximately 1200-2000 clones can be held depending on the cloning method and/or number of shelves.

Pre-wired lighting options are available upon request as well as custom manufactured overall dimensions.
  • Are the shelves adjustable?  Yes.
  • Can I order additional shelves?  Yes.
  • Can these be made with different dimensions?  Yes.  Everything about the cannabis clone cart can be custom manufactured to meet your specific grow requirements.
  • How do I clean the clone cart?  Our plant-based greenhouse cleaning solutions are safe to use on all materials.  These cleaning products are safe to use without the need to remove plants.
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