Cannabis Trimmers

Trim the buds. It's laborious and time-intensive. If you're planning an extensive operation you want to have an entire army of harvesters. Larger harvests can take hours to trim and can quickly kill profits. Modern bud trimmer models can replace up to 75 work positions making the whole process very fast. The quality of care and precision in cannabis trimming can't be beaten. It can be very beneficial for cannabis growers and also it reduces your labor expenses.  It's important to get the best trimmer.  Bud trimmer ranges from the trimming scissors in small numbers to the most expensive industrial machine. Wet bud is fresh flowers just harvested while dry refers to dried flowers that have dried. Both dampening and drying trimming can have disadvantages and advantages, but wet trimming is recommended to produce a high-quality finish product.

If you have less than 5-10 plants a manual trimmer is sufficient. If you have more plants, you could change to an automated trimmer of a nice size to fit your needs and increase efficiency and your bottom line. Some industrial bud cutting devices are designed specifically for industrial-commercial use.  Twister Trimming equipment is recommended for its engineering and research efforts. They make products that can be scaled up by placing several units inline and adding feed conveyors. The Twister T2 is a full-blown commercial-grade bulk trimmer on steroids.  Which trimmer is the best for you is dependent on the number of leaves and buds it has to deal with.

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