Grow Room / Greenhouse Air Purifier

Air quality of the grow area can determine the success or failure of the crop.  As plants grow, they are very vulnerable to contamination and require precise care.  Growers must maintain a highly sanitary growing area, which includes the air quality and odor control.  The greenhouse air filtration must maintain air quality for the plants, as well the air must be filtered to remove offensive odors that may affect the neighboring community.

Greenhouse/Grow Room Odor Control

Strong odors in a greenhouse and especially in a grow room can be difficult to manage.  The odor from the cultivation of cannabis has been known to be detected over a mile away from the grow area.  Air Purification Equipment is essential as many municipalities have restrictions on how commercial grow operations handle odors.  As odor complaints continue to rise, local governments str issuing fines to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. Odor control in the greenhouse and grow room cannot be ignored.  While the pungent smell is unique and appealing to cannabis connoisseurs, the public often thinks otherwise.  The best solution for commercial growing spaces is the installation of air and surface purifiers because they come in sizes large enough for bigger grow rooms, and remove all airborne particles in the grow room, leaving it fresh with clean airflow.  Impurities destroyed using our line of air purification equipment include mold, bacteria, yeast, pathogens & viruses

Grow Room Air Purifier

Our line of AirRos Grow Room Air Purifiers utilizes electricity and creates ROS (reactive oxygen species). The sanitized air that comes out of the purifier enters the grow environment and continues to sanitize ALL surfaces it contacts.  With this system, there is no need for carbon or charcoal filters as every grow room air purifier model cleans the air, cleans surfaces, and neutralizes odor within seconds.  Microbial cleaning occurs within 45 minutes.  The purifiers are compact, cost-effective, and ultra-low energy efficient.  A single air purifier will treat/sanitize anywhere from 250ft3 or combine multiple units to treat any size room/environment including large multi-acre greenhouses.

What Makes the AirRos Grow Room Air Purifier Different?

The technology utilized by the AirRos Air Purifier treats/sanitizes air AND surfaces - not just air or surfaces, but both as well as neutralizes odor.  In addition to destroying airborne microbes as they travel through the purifier's internal reaction chamber, they also diffuse Hydrogen Trioxide-H203 aka Trioxidan which is a natural anti-microbial (heavier molecule than air) that lands on surfaces and destroys mold spores at the source of contamination.

Choosing the right Air Purification Model

Every grow space is unique and requires a studied analysis to accurately determine the best air purification equipment for your particular grow.  In general, there are four key things to consider:
  1. Volumetric Dimensions (room size):  Accurate measurement of the Cubic Foot (ft3) volume of the grow room is essential.  (length x width x height).
  2. Purpose of Space:  Plants consume more or less ROS depending on the stage of growth and size.  Will the air purifier be used/installed in a Mother/Clone/Veg or Flower or Drying room?  Is a single room used for all stages of growth including drying?  In the flower/bloom room, are plants larger than 5' tall?
  3. Grow Setup:  Are single-level grow tables used or is it a tiered/vertical system?
  4. Are C02 burners or tanks used?

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