Cleaning Your Grow Space
Should Not be a Chore

100% plant-based cleaning products

  • Save time – no need to empty room
  • Increase efficiency – no need to wait for room to dry
  • Save money – no special storage, equipment or PPE required
  • Increase Revenue – add an additional grow cycle

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We have spent decades building businesses that help other businesses and we are absolutely mad about MAD.  With the world population exploding and the move towards sustainability and nutrient density, highly efficient food production is increasingly becoming the norm.  Advancements in lighting, heating, watering and control systems have allowed the construction of vast, artificially lit, indoor greenhouse farms to produce at maximum impact with higher yields, shorter grow cycles, and fewer chemicals -- no matter what climate.  It’s a revolution and we want to be, and are excited to be, a part of this.

Collectively, our youth was immersed in agriculture and horticulture and trees and plants and flowers.  We came from families that lived off the land by growing everything that would be found on the nightly dinner table. The family medicine cabinet was filled with homeopathic remedies to cure any ailment.  As kids we made our money working the family businesses:  cutting down fir trees at the Christmas tree farm started by a dad in upstate New York; delivering bouquets from the florist shop a mom started in Chicago; hauling hundreds of bags of soil into office building lobbies for a landscaping business a mom started in Kansas City just knowing indoor plant gardens would not only improve the quality of air but would boost moods with the explosion of colors and aromas that would hit the senses of every person walking by.

So whether you are growing cut flowers or vegetables;  growing a weekly production potted crop;  propagating, experimenting, or building a dream come true; we’re here to help you along the way – it is where our roots are firmly planted.
Hydroponic wholesale distributors, horticulture LED lights suppliers, LED greenhouse lighting suppliers, greenhouse grow benches and wholesale growing supplies distributors we have proudly become.  We have dedication and drive to source the latest technology and highest quality products at the best possible price. 
Now that puts us right in the middle of the food chain!

All our best,

M., A., and D.

Keep it Clean with our Plant-Based Cleaning Products

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