We have spent decades building businesses that help other businesses and we are absolutely mad about MAD.  With the world population exploding and the move towards sustainability and nutrient density, highly efficient food production is increasingly becoming the norm.  Advancements in lighting, heating, watering and control systems have allowed the construction of vast, artificially lit, indoor greenhouse farms to produce at maximum impact with higher yields, shorter grow cycles, and fewer chemicals -- no matter what climate.  It’s a revolution and we want to be, and are excited to be, a part of this.

Whether you are growing cut flowers or vegetables;  growing a weekly production potted crop;  propagating, experimenting, or building a dream come true; we’re here to help you along the way.  
We are distributors of all the necessary equipment your greenhouse or grow space needs including suppliers of horticulture LED lights, LED greenhouse lighting, greenhouse grow benches and plant-based cleaning solutions to keep your space clean and sanitized.  We have the dedication and drive to source the latest technology to equip your greenhouse or grow space with all the necessary equipment at the best possible price. 

All our best,

M., A., and D.

Keep it Clean with our Plant-Based Cleaning Products

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