630W CMH Grow Light 120 VDC H2

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Part Number: H2-315CS1B-WNA
  • Watts: 630
  • Dimensions: 20.1"L x 9.48" x 5.7"L
  • Weight: 13.23lb
  • Input Voltage: 120 - 240 VDC / 50-60 Hz
The 630W CMH ballast has a high efficiency electronic ballast with no acoustic resonance.  The 630w CMH ballast uses a high temperature, resin-sealed componenet board for completely silent operation with a fan.  Each unit is burned-in at the factory for approximately twelve hours to ensure maximum reliability.

The improved, broader spectrum is achieved with the Veg 4200K lamp and a warmer spectrum with Flower 3100K lamp.  This CMH Ballast is used Greenhouse and Warehouse applications.

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