Need help optimizing your greenhouse space for maximum production?

We will help configure your layout to maximize space, determine how many lights you will need, advise which grow table design will work best for your set-up and guide you through customizations.


MAD Greenhouse Products is a wholesale distributor, importer and designer of commercial greenhouse supplies & equipment, and plant-based cleaning products to commercial indoor crop growers around the world.

We work with manufacturers who are advancing technologies in the field of horticultural supplies. MAD Greenhouse Products provides high-quality greenhouse benches (including flood benches, ebb and flow benches, stationary benches, rolling grow benches, multi-tier benches, expanded metal benches), ebb & flow trays, and commercial greenhouse grow lights (including HPS and LED grow lights), To accommodate for quick shipment, we maintain an inventory of the more popular, standard size commercial greenhouse supplies & equipment. We also provide customization of nearly all our products to meet the needs of expanding, upgrading and newly constructed greenhouses.